• Hunting Gear & Accessories in Paducah, KY

  • Attractants & Food Plots

    We know the feeling, you waited around in the cold all day to shoot…nothing. That’s because turkey and deer are born with their instincts telling them to avoid you. Using attractants and food plots can help bring the animals to you, making sure you don’t go home empty handed next time.

    At Phelps, we offer a wide variety of animal attractants and food plots. Whether you’re hunting deer or turkey, the proper product and proper placement will attract more animals to you, making the job of a hunter much easier. Products we carry include:

    • Custom Blend Food Plot Mix
    • Salt Licks
    • Food Plots
    • Imperial Whitetail Seed and Attractants
    • Deer Cane
    • Lucky Buck
    • Trophy Rock
    • Whole Corn
    • Deer Feeders
    • Broadcast Spreaders
    • Herbicides
    • Lime
    • Free Soil Tests
  • Hunting Gear & Wildlife Traps

    Not only do you need to attract the animals to close range, but you also need to be well-prepared and ready to take the shot when the time comes. At Phelps, we’ve got the gear you need to take you from planning your hunting trip right up to the point of the kill. Whether you’re placing a food plot or monitoring activity on your land, we offer a variety of supplies to help make you a more effective hunter.